Quality Management and Quality Control

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Quality Management and Quality Control

Answer the following question in essay form in a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 250 words.

What are the fundamental differences between Quality Management and Quality Control? Philosophically, how are they different?

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Quality Management and Quality Control

Quality management is the practice of developing plans that set the standards that need to apply in the production process to ensure the end products meet and surpass the consumer needs. It is an all-encompassing plan which integrates all constituents of the quality planning process (Ross, 2017). Quality control, on the other hand, is a combination of processes and procedures that determine quality metrics by examining particular production results against the set standards (Simanová, & Gejdoš, 2015).  While quality management is conducted during…read more

Quality management is a philosophy of total integration of a company to attain its required production outcomes. It is a comprehensive system that is meant to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency, increase market share, and lower operating…read more


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