Read the ABC Childcare Case Study

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Read the ABC Childcare Case Study (located in Course Information) and:

1. Describe the situation and the key players (their roles and relationship to each other)

2. Identify why this case study is related to the Structure Frame and defend your position.

3. How you would have addressed the conflict if you were the CEO of the organization?

Post your analysis to BB discussion Forum.


Read the case study, present and defend your analysis based on one of the organizational structure frame, comment on three other posts

Grading Rubric:

 3 points – posted case analysis on time and responded accurately and articulately to     each of the 3 questions

2 points – commented on three other students’ posts

Partial Solution

Describe the situation and the key players (their roles and relationship to each other)
Elizabeth Green is the Executive Director of ABC Childcare, a nonprofit making organization loosely affiliated with a local YMCB in Central Massachusetts. ABC Childcare is financially burdened and the management’s determination to centralize operations has been found to be more expensive than expected. This has led to the imposition of a salary freeze to all administrators and educators. Dissatisfaction amongst the workers has started to smolder, and tension among the teaching staff is increasing.
This case study has three key players namely, the Board of Directors, administrators (Elizabeth Green, Claire Markfield, and Sheila Cummins), and teachers (Sheryl and Wendy). The primary role of the board of directors was to direct the organization’s affairs as well as making decisions about issues such as compensations. The administrators, on the other hand, were tasked with providing office support to the caregivers and parents. They oversaw the decisions made by the directors and ratified them along with functioning as the final intermediaries of the organization’s strategic direction. The main role of the teachers was to take care of the children. The BoD expected the caregivers to collaborate and meet the organization’s goals.
Identify why this case study is related to the Structure Frame and defend your position.
According to Bolman & Deal (2017) structure frame is designed to fit an organization’s environment and create hierarchies, procedures, policies, and rules to coordinate diverse activities. This case study revolves around the structure frame as it is centered on the frame’s key areas such as responsibilities and clarifying tasks, creating protocols and systems, as well as setting measurable goals and objectives. The organizational structure of the center was formalized into a hierarchy or chain of command that went from top (Board of Directors) down (administrators, supervisors, and teachers). Departmental supervisors were reporting directly to the administrators, who in turn reported directly to the BoD. The administrators were mandated to develop strategies that could help re-energize and motivate teachers so that they can continue working towards accomplishing the organization’s goals. In ABC Childcare, roles and goals were generally well-defined.

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