Reflect on and improve own professional practice

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Knowledge Assessment – Event 2.2

Theory exam for Reflect & improve own professional practice

CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and improve own professional practice (1)


Question 1

How do you keep up to date with current and industry developments? Provide at least 3 examples to support your response.


Question 2

How will you ensure your knowledge and skills are current throughout your massage career?


Question 3

Where could you go to network with other industry professionals? Provide at least 3 examples.


Question 4

  1. In approximately 200 words, describe a time when you developed a plan to achieve a personal or professional career goal.


  1. b) Consider your goal in regards to your study for the qualification of Cert IV Massage or Diploma of Remedial Massage. Write your goal in the table below, then complete the table to explain why your goal is ‘SMART”.
What is your goal?
SWhy is your goal ‘specific’? 
MWhy is your goal ‘measureable’? 
AWhy is your goal ‘achievable’? 
RWhy is your goal ‘results-focused’? 
THow is your goal bound by ‘time’? 

Question 5

What is your preferred learning style? Explain how you can enhance your learning by using techniques that support your preferred learning style.


Question 6

Provide an example of how you have demonstrated each of the following legal and ethical considerations within your professional practice.

Code of practice
Duty of care
Work role boundaries

Question 7

What additional training could you undertake to complement or enhance your current skills? Provide at least three examples.


Question 8

Explain why having a mentor would be helpful to you in your future career.


Question 9

How do we learn through feedback and reflection?



Question 10

You are working in massage and a client who you are working with suddenly became very unwell.   

The client had complained of tightness in his neck and shoulders from the beginning but now he was in a cold sweat with a pressing pain in his chest.  He was very short of breath and clearly not well.

You called for the first aid officer but she was out of the office.  You suddenly realised that your client was in big trouble but, despite being trained in first aid you felt like you didn’t know what to do.

You wasted precious minutes trying to find your mobile so you could ring the ambulance.  Luckily the person on the end of the line talked you through the process.  Once you started CPR you remembered everything you had learnt.  The ambulance arrived and took over from you. 

The client fully recovered in hospital and after his release he came in to say thank you to you for your response.

You had been feeling terrible since the incident because of your panic.

Using one of the models of professional reflection (for example, Kolb’s model or Gibb’s model), describe the process you would go through to reflect on your response to this incident.

  1. Which model of reflection have you chosen?


  1. Describe the self-reflection process that you would go through, using the scenario to explain your answer in your own words.

Part 3: Assessment Feedback

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Assessor Feedback

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☐ Was reasonable adjustment in place for this assessment event?
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