Reflecting on Leadership – A personal evaluation

Module TitleLeadership & Change
Module Code600560
Coursework ElementReflective Portfolio
Module LeaderDr Thomas Hoyland
Word Count2000
First Sit or Resit?1st
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Assignment Title

 Reflecting on Leadership – A personal evaluation

Identify and evidence a behaviour that you feel may be negatively impacting on your ability to successfully engage in leadership. Examine the literature relating to this behaviour and develop evidence-based actions to manage/mitigate and/or overcome the challenge. You might what to consider if/then scenarios and link it to your desired career aspirations.

You can select from the following list or choose your own (if you wish to choose your own please come and discuss with me first):

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Perfectionism
  • Extreme personality (e.g. high extroversion or low agreeableness)
  • Decision making (e.g. rash decision making)
  • Conflict managing style (e.g. ignores or aggressive)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Controlling behaviour (e.g. not listening to others)
  • Stress management

Suggested outline (more details to be provided in lectures)

  1. Identification of issue – brief description of the issue with some supporting evidence and consideration of how it might impact your personal development and leadership performance
  2. Exploration of literature on the chosen topic – Examine more broadly how the behaviour might impact personal effectiveness and leadership ability
  3. Evidence based techniques for dealing the behaviour – consider short, mid, and long term actions that are grounded in evidence (1) .
  4. Appendices – Supporting evidence is critical, this may consist of a number of personality inventories, qualitative feedback (e.g. from work experiences reviews, PEP evaluations, comments from critical friends, reflections on activities). (1) A more detailed action plan can be added in the appendices with key activities explored in the main body of the text

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