Reflection and action plan for self-development

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Reflection and action plan for self-development


To prepare a reflection and action plan for self-development based on identifying and applying the USC Business Schools’ ‘6Cs’ to career progression.


Reflection and plan


Undertake self-assessment questionnsiares on:

  1. Personal SWOT (considering USC Business School’s ‘6 C’s’ i.e. 6 x Competencies)
  2. Learning styles Questionnaire
  3. Leadership styles Questionnaire

Completion of these questionnaires forms the basis for the task. Your reflection will be based on the outcomes of these questionnaires.

Word Count:

1000 words (+/- 10%)


  • Completion of self-assessment tools
  • Critical application of results from self-assessment tools in a reflective discussion which provides the bases for an employment strategy and plan
  • Communication and presentation

This assessment will be based on topics covered in weeks 4 (Planning), 8 (Individual Behaviour) and 11 (Leaderhip & Trust). To be able to develop your reflection, you will need to first complete the three self-development tools below:

To do well at this task:

  • Review the lecture materials and readings for Week 4 (Planning); Week 7 (Individual Behaviour) and Week 11 (Leadership & trust)
  • Complete the short end-of-lecture quizzes for each week
  • Complete the online textbook exercises and quizzes for each week
  • Complete the three self-assessment tasks (detailed below) and use them as the basis for your reflection
  • Submit your Reflection and Plan to SafeAssign by the due date

Step 1

  • Review the material on SWOT and goal-setting from the week 4 lecture (Planning)
  • Conduct your personal SWOT using the 6 Cs (USC Business Schools 6 x Competencies)
  • Use the findings to inform your reflection and action plan (see suggested SWOT approach below)

SWOT reflection.docx

Step 2

  • Review the material on Learning Styles from the week 8 lecture (Individual Behaviour)
  • Complete the VARK learning styles questionnaire  The-VARK-Questionnaire.pdf& the Kolb learning styles questionnaire pdf
  • Use the findings to inform your reflection and action plan

Step 3

Step 4

The final step requires you to prepare a plan that will assist you to start your employment journey. To do this start by:

  • Reviewing the lecture and tutorial material on SWOT and goalsetting (Week 4)
  • Reviewing the lecture and tutorial material on Individual Behaviour (Week 8)
  • Reviewing the lecture and tutorial material on Leadership (Week 11)

Use the work you have completed through the tutorial tasks to provide a basis for your final reflection plan and strategy.


  • Avoid simply stating that you will complete your university degree in 3 years and will then start looking for a good job (for exaxmple).
  • We do not need to see the completed questionnaires – but you will need to complete them in order to fulfil the task
  • Only submit your 1000 word reflection and plan – do not submit your questionnaires
  • We are looking for how you connect skillssuch as those developed at university (eg: collaboration, communication,community consciousness) with the skill set required for potential roles in your preferred (at this stage) career.

Before submission

  • Review and edit your assignment
  • Ensure you have corrected any spelling, grammar,formatting errors etc.