Chapter 7 – Assignment SWOT Analysis

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Chapter 7 – Assignment SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis – SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats which is an analysis tool that assists organizations in strategic planning.


  1. Read through Reducing Fertility in Bangladesh PPT that provides details of a successful program. Read until you feel comfortable with the explanation of the program.
  2. Write down aspects of the program that fits into each part of the SWOT analysis.

Expert Partial Solution

SWOT Analysis of a Bangladesh’s Family Planning Program

Strengths (S): The program was being run by experienced people composing of young married women (FWAs) who had perhaps used the family planning contraceptives. The number of Family Welfare Assistants (40,000) was big enough to ensure the program covered a wide area margin at a time…read more

Opportunities (O): It had a splendid reputation and hence the facilitators were well recognized by the targeted audience (that is the rural women).The facilitators adopted a well-managed…read more

Weaknesses (W): The program had limited service line since it only targeted rural women staying in remote areas. There were staff management challenges. For example, costs for Family Welfare Assistants (FWAs) were to some degree very high. The effectiveness of the program and its outreach strategy was questionable because declines in the fertility rate have slowed in Bangladesh (Levine, 2010)…read more

Threats (T): Due to huge costs for outreach workers, the program adopted a fixed site approach that shrunk its coverage area. The contraceptives…read more

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Chapter 7 – Assignment SWOT Analysis