Risk Assessment and Management

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Risk Assessment and Management

Purpose is to research current trends in the theory and application of Risk Management at the systems level. Review a project or system where risk management has gone wrong. Review the consequences which have occurred at the system level and comment on the the cascading effects. Did the organisation or enterprise have the risk appetite for the consequences? Use the learnings from the second intensive where applicable to examine the way risk has been managed. Critique the techniques used in the organisation against those discussed in scholarly papers. Where could things have been improved?

In this assignment, you are to demonstrate your awareness of systems thinking within the area of risk managment.

This exercise requires wider research and reading such as The Australian newspaper (business section) or the Risk Management Magazine, or Harvard Business Review magazine.

It is not a straight forward assignment, it requires wider reading and research, comparable to a masters degree.

Length and Presentation:
Submit a Report (PDF) maximum 3000 words.

Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:

The standards by which the assignment will be assessed are included in the marking criteria below:


Brief introduction to the project or system – 5 Marks


Summarise the views of scholars, extrapolating on the learnings from the second intensive – 30 Marks


Choose a project/enterprise/system which is known to you or from the paper. Provide a system map. Discuss the system, systemic risks, links and cascade risks within the project/enterprise/system, referring to your scholars via citation – 30 Marks


In a leadership role such as that of a Project Manager, how would you best manage the risk associated with this project? What would you have done better? Could the consequences have been avoided? – 25 Marks

5. Conclusion – 10 Marks
Overall Total – 100 Marks