Sample Essay Who am I and what I am going to be

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Sample Essay Who am I and what I am going to be

Sample Essay

I am a conscientious person with a perpetual desire to do everything I am obliged to with diligence and carefulness. My meticulous disposition enables me to be efficient, organized, reliable, and thorough in all my undertakings in life. I am a goal-achiever because I have the self-discipline that keeps me moving through challenges and impediments. Nonetheless, sometimes I become a workaholic and tend to have some little fun with those around me. As a conscientious person, I am always mindful of other people, from colleagues, family, friends, and even strangers. I feel a sense of duty towards them and hence, I am always vigilant not to unintentionally upset or offend them by my actions or words.

My goal-oriented temperament will certainly enable to become a dependable professional who can build trust and hold myself accountable. As I commence my studies, I have taken the initiative to set my own goals, and I pledge to focus my energy and attention on attaining them. If all goes well, this will translate into a commendable performance in my academics and later in my career life. I believe the course I am pursuing will equip me with both technical expertise needed in this field as well as a good number of virtues that will enable me to become a successful professional.