Second Written Learning Portfolio Submission

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Second Written Learning Portfolio Submission

Option 1 Branding – Sweet Popcorn

Read the article on vUWS. “Can Sweet Popcorn make a dent in the snacking category?

Assume you are the Category Manager, Sweet and Salty Snacks for Woolworths. Given the growth in sweet popcorn, you’ve been given the directive to build a case to choose a second brand to compete against the Kettle range of Sweet Popcorn. Whilst the store also carries the cheaper Movietime Popcorn, the supermarket wants to tap into consumers’ desire for premium snacking products.

The initial trial will only be for Sydney metro stores but may expand to other states if it proves successful.

You’ve been given a choice of 4 brands which already have established markets overseas – namely Oreo Popcorn, Snickers Popcorn, Mrs Fields Nibblers Popcorn and Twix Popcorn. Each has its own price point and product message.

Answer the following question

If Woolworths was to choose ONE additional product to add to their Sweet Popcorn range – which one of these would you recommend and why?

Take into consideration the following aspects:

  1. Who do you think is the target market? Why? (Refer back to Chapter 6)
  1. How will the quality offerings for each of the brands impact your decision (see ‘Product and service decisions”. in your text)
  2. How will the lack of brand awareness of your chosen brand be overcome? (Refer to the “Social Factors” from Chapter 5)
  3. Where should the brand be positioned within the category? (See “Brand Positioning” in your text)
  4. When should the product be introduced into the stores?

Include any references you have used in a bibliography. This does not form part of the word count. No more than 1000 words (+-10%)

Second Written Learning Portfolio Submission

Can Sweet Popcorn make a dent in the snacking category?

Cookies, chocolate and popcorn may well be the three greatest edible creations known to mankind, albeit from two different universes (the former generally used in sweet, decadent applications, e.g. candy and desserts; the latter generally salty and treated as a casual snack)—until some brilliant mind decided to do the previously unthinkable and combine the two together. Say what!? While combining the sweet and the savory is nothing new (or rare, these days), in the realm of unconventional things that just work, sweet popcorn union ranks high up as one of our most favorite ever.

Although the history of the combination is unclear, one brand in particular is known for executing it especially well: Kettle Sweet Popcorn, a premium salty snack company owned by US company Campbells, are currently market leaders in the segment.

Their Sweet Popcorn products currently sell for $3.20 (100g) first starting with Salted Caramel and Honey Butter flavours. They’ve recently introduced two new product products – Chocolate Crackle and Cinnamon Sugar.

Since 2015 the size of the popcorn segment has grown from $46 million to $78 million representing an increase of 70 per cent. With brands including Kettle entering the market, popcorn will continue to be the new battleground for manufacturers to fight for market share. This makes is one of the fastest-growing segments in the grocery business, and now other brands are circling the shelves.

Get ready for an unforgettable new take on a snacking classic as light, crunchy popcorn meets the classic candy bar and cookie! An improbable match-up with impossibly tasty results and an unbelievably small calorie count, it’s guaranteed to grab the spotlight

Snickers Popcorn: The popcorn is drizzled with Snickers caramel and nuts, and is also made with real Snickers candy bar pieces so you get that chocolate flavor in there, too. The saltiness from the popcorn and nuts sound like a match made in snack heaven with the sweet caramel and chocolate. It’s retail price sits around $5.98 (500g). “This is the first popcorn to combine drizzled flavor with real candy pieces,” the description says. “Candy Pop is partnering with the renowned Snickers brand and giving customers two of their favorite snacks, Snickers candy and popcorn.

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