Section of the capstone or culminating project

Assignment: (800) words not including references
Section (two) of the capstone or culminating project document of The Increasing Role of Technology in Management should include your response to the analytical components. Remember you will have additional time to further refine this analysis in papers three through five Nevertheless, this assignment will provide a solid foundation for work in these future papers.
Remember the key is to sift through all the analysis and move back to a 30,000-foot view and draw summary conclusions. What are the key things you have learned that help assure that your eventual recommendations will truly help the organization to survive and prosper in light of these external strategic imperatives?

The Analysis section should answer the following questions:

  1. What are the primary dynamics in the organization’s environments (internal and external) requiring analysis?
    2. How are these factors changing in light of new trends and how might these trends link back to the problem or opportunity you are addressing?
    3. How could you leverage these strategic insights to make sure that the initiative truly adds economic value?
    4. How will this help the organization adapt to environmental challenges and otherwise execute and a strategy appropriate to its competitive environment. If it does not produce competitive advantage then why are you working on the project?
    5. What kinds of additional analysis need to be conducted in papers three through five?
  2. Revise Paper one submission as needed based on the findings of Paper 2
    7. Include an updated draft of the reference page listing the researched items and literature associated with defining the proposed project.