Select a theory in knowledge management (KM)

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 Select a theory in knowledge management (KM)

For this assignment, you will select a theory in knowledge management and apply this theory to social media. You should also identify a gap in this application or theory and further explore it. Examine how KM theories have been applied to social media research. You do not need to construct any datasets or carry out any data analyses.

Your submission should include the following components:

Literature Review: You will conduct a literature review of at least five recently published papers/journals in the area of knowledge management and social media. You are expected to review the findings of these works, along with providing a critical analysis of the examined works. Each literature review should be at least 300 words. This component will ensure that you have an adequate background in the area you are about to further explore.
Brief Research Proposal: After conducting your literature review, you should select a theory or practice in knowledge management and propose how this may be applied to social media analytics. You should focus on finding a gap in an existing theory, and then propose a possible solution to this gap. You are not expected to conduct this research, only make an argument for it and provide an adequate blueprint/proposal for this work. Your proposal should be at least 1,000 words and leave the reader confident in the value and feasibility of your proposal.

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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Knowledge management can be defined as the meticulous handling of knowledge asset of an organization with the objective of meeting strategic and tactical requirements and creating value (Syed, Murray, Hislop, & Mouzughi, 2018). It comprises the strategies, initiatives, processes, and systems that support and strengthen the keeping, evaluation, sharing, clarification, and creation of knowledge.


Various research articles have appreciated the importance of effective knowledge management in organizations seeking to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, effectual knowledge management has proven critical to firms in accessing data from the growing number of sources such as Twitter and Facebook (Stem, 2017). These social media platforms reveal priceless intuitions regarding the preferences and attitudes of customers. It is argued that practitioners could gain useful knowledge about the sentiments of consumers toward their organization and competitor firms through the utilization and categorization of huge data analytics. The number of organizations seen to adopt social media as a means of improving the exchange of knowledge internally is increasing. However, the authors of the article note that in numerous cases, the employees are not encouraged to utilize new technologies (Behringer & Sassenberg, 2015). It could be argued that the interaction between the significance and deficiencies associated with experience in social media use and perceived the importance of social media for the exchange of knowledge jointly influence the intention to use social media for the exchange of knowledge after being implemented.

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 Select a theory in knowledge management (KM)

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