significance of establishing the role of customers

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Significance of establishing the role of customers

Question one

Describe the process that you could undertake to identify the potential points of integrating and methods to confirm and ensure that messages can be unified across and integrated offering

The chief process that could be suitable in this case is that which involves the following steps namely; context analysis, profiling, coordinated communication and control, and evaluation respectively.  The context analysis is useful in that it involves assessing the environment within which the marketing is being executed.  This will capture all the indispensable marketing environment details that are essential in ensuring that the pitching messages are convergent and harmonious (Daymon & Holloway, 2010)

Profiling involves capturing all the paramount data which is needed in packaging the marketing messages in a convergent manner and sorting it accordingly.  Coordinated communication fundamentally involves linking all the relevant parties to the marketing communication in a way that is customer-tailored.  Essentially, the control and evaluation part involves managing the entire pitching communication and assessing whether it has attained its intended objectives. The process is illustrated below

Question two

Explain the significance of establishing the role of customer within the converge environment to the success of the company

Customers normally play an immense yet critical role in the success of any marketing campaign (Gronroos, 2004).  They are important in that they provide useful feedback information to the campaign team.  This feedback and responses are essential in tailoring the products and services being pitched to meet the customer needs and preferences satisfactorily.  Additionally, customers` cooperation is also necessary.  This is because it makes the whole process smooth, workable and consistent.


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Significance of establishing the role of customers

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