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Direction, Individual Case Analysis

Please answer three of the following four questions (only) based on course material and Solubles Instantaneos case attached to this e-mail. You could rely on external information not discussed in the case
Submit your responses on Moodle, use a link named “Individual Case Analysis”
Deadline Apr 12, 11:59 pm
The questions
1. If SICA were to expand to other countries, offering their current product line, suggest a country and explain the characteristics of that country that made it a good target for expansion?

2. Analyze the current Peruvian market entry strategy and provide recommendations to enhance or restructure their commitment to that market.

3. Could Don Café work as a global brand? Why or why not?

4. What structural and/or strategic changes to SICA would you recommend to the next heads of the company (i.e. Salcedo-Benitez’s children) that will make it succeed at the international level.

The written assignment must conform to these specifications
• The entire analysis must be presented in no more than 2,000 words, excluding diagrams and references.
• Double spaced
• Font size 12
• No need for citation if you are referencing the material of the class or the case. If you are using external information, please use APA (end references)
• No need for a cover page. Please insert your name and number of words as headers
• Report received after 6:00 pm Apr 12, will have the grade reduced by 10%. After that any late reports, if accepted, will have the grade reduced by 10% for each extra calendar day.
• You can use bullet points in your answer, but please explain the points


• Writing quality and presentation: 2 out of 15.
• Accurate application of appropriate course content (concepts and theory): 8 out of 15.
• Logic of argumentation (conclusion follow logically from premises and arguments): 5 out of 15.