Solved: Dunkin Donuts Marketing Strategies

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Solved: Dunkin Donuts Marketing Strategies

1.Review this link

2.Watch this video


The purpose of this assignment is to explore various management philosophies, studies, and theories pertaining to how employees are perceived by management. You will identify critical factors in HR management and discuss the best strategies for managing employees and creating a productive work environment. This assignment aligns with Course Objectives # 4 and 8 as well as with most of the Module 3 objectives.


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1.For Dunkin’ Donuts, what are the four Ps in the marketing mix? Give an example of each?

  • Product: Dunkin Donuts offers various food items and drinks. Since its inception, it has been selling donuts and coffee until recently when it diversified its product portfolio to add confectionaries such as iced tea, hot chocolate, coffee, and coffee with cream. Right the company has more than 100 food items on its menu.
  • Price: Dunkin Donuts sets moderate prices to attract more customers and also deal with the increasing competition in the industry. It does not charge high prices that its customers cannot afford but also it does not set low prices that might be associated with low quality…Read more
  • Place:
  • Promotion:

2.Dunkin’ Donuts emphasizes the importance of relationship marketing. How does that fit within the marketing mix and the DD Perks program?

6.First review the link which is above then second watch the video, then answer the following questions on above.

Please read all the information carefully which on above then answers the following questions on above.