Solved: Sample Event Research Report

This assessment is designed to help you to recognise what happens during an event, as well as the role and the purpose of events within the community and how they can impact the society. It will help you to understand how and why events are held and just how influential the industry is.
Choose a public event that has been completed within the past 12 months such as the Royal Easter Show or a local festival, for example, the Marrickville festival, and prepare an event research report on it. You should perform basic research prior to commencing the assessment to ensure there is adequate information available to complete the task. Note that the chosen event will also be used to complete Assessment 2.

The structure of the report should be as below:
1. Title page – The title page must include the subject of the report, lecturer’s name, student name and ID, the due date and the word count.
2. Table of Contents
3. Background/ About the Event – a description of the event including a brief history (250 words)
4. Stakeholder overview – Who are they? What is their contribution to the event (financial, product, kind)? (250 words)
5. Marketing – How is the event marketed? Is the marketing successful? (300 words)

6. Impact – How does this event impact the society and economy? (300 words)
7. Conclusion (150 words)
8. References – To be completed in APA 6th Style (not included in word count)
9. Appendices (if any)

The report should include at least 4-6 academic references. Wikipedia is not an accepted reference source.

Expert Partial Solution 


Marrickville Festival is among the largest community events in Sydney that works closely with local creatives and the makers in order to present the vibrancy and diversity of Marrickville.  Marrickville festival attracts visitors from diverse regions in Sydney making it a destination event. This festive event creates a good reputation for the city from its creativity, diverse cultural experiences along with culinary prowess.  What is more, the Marrickville festival is a free entertainment day across the suburb that unites diners, dancers, and shoppers with the local creatives.  During the 2019 Marrickville’s annual event that was held on October 20, over 130 stalls flooded the streets for a whole day celebration of local entertainments, international cuisine, and live music that championed Marrickville’s multicultural community.  Besides, the 2019 event was more participatory when compared to the preceding Marrickville festivals, with hands-on workshops, with food demos, local artists, and tastings with food producers who are local among others.

Marketing the event

Just like any other big event, event organizers for the Marrickville festival have come up with various ways of making sure the world is aware concerning the objective of holding such an event.  Some of the ways used to market and promote the Marrickville festival include:

The use of social media channels

Social media channels such as Facebook have been used to inform people concerning why, how, and where the festival will be held. Through these channels, the event details for the Marrickville festival have been able to reach to a wider target audience.  Besides, through these social media channels, Marrickville festival organizers have been able to frequently remind people to show up for the event…Read more

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Solved: Sample Event Research Report