Solved: Sociology REL2300 Essay

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Solved: Sociology REL2300 Essay

The term monasticism comes from monos meaning “alone” or “one,” indicating a detachment of the devotee from the world. In Roman Catholic Christianity, third century hermits who sought a life more devoted to Christianity than the ordinary Christianity, joined in communities. The rules of these monastic communities were classically formulated by St. Benedict of Nursia (C.E. 480-547). According to the Rule of St. Benedict, Monks are,

“Not to be fond of pleasures. To become a stranger to the ways of the world. Not to be fond of much talking. Often to devote oneself to prayer. Not to give way to the desires of the flesh; and to hate one’s own will.”

In the formative days of Roman Catholicism, those who went into the monasteries were typically the best and brightest of society. They were those who were educated in societies that were generally illiterate. But in the last 50 years, all Christian groups have experienced a dramatic decline in monks and nuns. For this topic, research what life is like for monks and nuns in Christianity today; then speculate as to what can be done to attract people to the monasteries once again. Title your initial post in such a way that it reflects the content. Address all of the following in your initial post:

– Describe a typical day for monks and nuns today, and the purpose(s) for their activities (you can focus on a specific Christian group, identifying it for your reader).
– Propose things monastic communities could do to attract more people to join them, or discuss why you feel they should not change anything.
– The above should include a conversation about the relevance of monasteries. That is, are they even necessary in the modern world? Explain.
Before writing on this topic, you should research monasticism in Christian. This is because you are required to do research in association with each of the discussion topics so that you can provide well-informed opinions. Ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources) and that the citations are in proper MLA (Modern Language Association) citation format: MLA Format.

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