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A critical component of this course is managing a real live event. To do so it will be your responsibility to seek an event for our local community. It is important to make sure that you are managing an event that has key stakeholders, not an event of your own making that is solely for yourself. In other words you want the opportunity to be able work with others to identify their goals, to help manage an event that is of value to others and then to develop it, execute it, and evaluate it.

The choices are endless. First read chapters 1-3 of the course textbook as this will help you understand the scope and context of EVENTS. Then, seek and find an organization or business that you will be hosting the event for. You could host an internal or external event. It could be an iteration of a legacy type event or a one-time event. You might host an arts, cultural, sports, business or other event of your choosing.

In seeking out events first consider people you know. Your existing network might connect you with an event they need managed or someone they know who is planning on hosting one. You might search online to find a listing of local events that have been cancelled; perhaps you can reach out to these people and offer to do it virtually for them. You could also consider cause based events such as raising funds for COVID-19 impacted people, or fundraising for FOOD BANKS, or victims of current tragedies. You may also have an event you would like to see started and developed. All of these are viable. Some thoughts to consider are:

  1. Does it conform to social distancing guidelines (is it a virtual event)?
  1. Does it allow me to demonstrate project management skills?
  1. Does it support the local VIU Community or Nanaimo area?
  1. Does it engage others?
  1. Does it require interaction with more than one key stakeholder?
  1. Can I readily connect with/interact with all potential stakeholders before, during and after the event?
  1. What resources do I have, or will I need to help me host this virtually?

DUE DATE: Emailed to the professor for viewing as word.docx or .pdf file by Noon Tuesday, May 20th. (Please make sure the professor has confirmed that your project is acceptable as outlined before proceeding further).


  1. Event Title
  1. Description of the Event
  1. Purpose/Goals of the event (preliminary thoughts…can be changed)
  1. Key Contact/Client (and contact information)
  1. Anticipated impacted stakeholders
  1. TEAM List (solo or more): provide a list of the CLASS MEMBERS (last name, first name, email link) that will work on this event (please note if more than one person from


class is on your project team your email must be cc’d to everyone on the team when emailed to the professor so he can reply all to communicate with the entire team. This also acknowledges that if you are on a joint email you agree to work with that team on the defined event)

NOTE: Should someone want to switch teams mid-stream or prefer to work on a different event on their own, that will be at the discretion of the team and that person. However, these events are most effective if they take place in the latter few weeks of June, so don’t leave it too late.

Be Safe and have FUN learning,