Statistics for technology management

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Statistics for technology management

Statistics for technology management | Information Systems homework help


Discuss the methods used at your company to measure and ensure quality products and services.

2. Submit definitions for the following terms:

  • Total Quality Management (TQM): TQM is defined as “creation of a remarkable culture in performance, where all the organization’s individuals are continuously working to achieve the consumer’s expectations; and the work performance with the achievement of the quality at the best possible level, or with high effectiveness, and at the shortest possible time (Zaidan,
  • Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology that provides tools and techniques to define and evaluate each step of a process. It provides methods to improve efficiencies in a business structure, improve the quality of the process and increase the bottom-line profit.
  • Control chart:
  • Assignable causes:
  • Common causes:
  • Acceptance sampling:


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