Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantage

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Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantage

Question: 1 (25 marks)

Diversification initiatives, must be justified by the creation of value for shareholders. Amazon, the known e-retailer has pursued diversification through acquiring, the well-known e-retailer in the Arab region. In light of this, identify type of diversification adopted by Amazon. Critically discuss benefits and relevancy of selected diversification to Amazon and (25 marks)

Question: 2 (25 marks)

The Michael Porter Diamond of National Advantage is a framework that explains why countries foster successful multinational corporations. For-example, United States is considered a world leader in the motion picture industry. Using Porter’s diamond framework for national competitiveness, critically discuss the success of this industry. (25 marks)

Question: 3 (25 marks)

Whether a venture is launched by an individual entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial team effective leadership is needed and essential resources are needed.

  1. Explain in details the different characteristics that distinguish entrepreneurs from corporate managers (15 marks)
  2. Critically discuss the essential resources to be considered while launching a new venture. (10 marks)

Question: 4 (25 marks)

Most of us think we learn about ethics in the normal course of our lives. We learn about it from our parents, from our teachers, from religious leaders and we see ethics in action in the workplace.

  1. Explain why there may be a conflict when business leaders apply ethical beliefs from outside the workplace to business decisions. (10marks)
  2. Critically discuss some of the important mechanisms for promoting ethics in firms. (15 marks)

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