Strategic vs Operational Planning

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Strategic vs Operational Planning

Prior to entering this discussion, review Chapters 8 and 9 in the Abraham’s textbook several required web-based resources on the subject for this week. Strategic planning and operational planning are both important in the overall planning process, but are distinctly different. Succinctly define each and summarize the key differences between them. Who are the typical participants in each process? How does an organization benefit from operational planning? Provide an example of a company which has been successful in implementing Strategic and Operational planning and a company that has failed in implementing both.

Partial Solution

Strategic planning is defined as “the process by which a company develops a strategy to achieve certain purposes (what it considers “success”)”(Abraham, 2012). Operational planning is defined in the text as “preparing detailed organizational plans for the coming fiscal year. It includes programs, projects, and activities that the company is already doing as well as new ones required by any change in strategy. Detailed plans by organizational unit are part of operational plans. Finally, it includes coordinating all these activities to make sure they support stated strategies” (Abraham, 2012, Chapter 8.2, para. 1). Although strategic planning and operational planning are both types of planning, strategic planning occurs at the corporate level (top-level management), while operational planning takes place at the functional level (middle-level management). Strategic planning is more focused on attaining the long-term objectives of the business, while operational planning is done to achieve the short-term objectives of the company. Strategic planning pursues the organization’s vision while operational planning achieves tactical objectives. Operational planning is used to support strategic planning. Strategic planning looks at both the internal and external environment while operational planning only looks at the internal environment. Strategic planning involves the whole organization, while operational planning involves a particular unit or department of the organization (Surbhi,2015). Both strategic planning and operational planning are crucial in any organization.

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