Street photographers

Street photographers do not have the right to take pics of anyone without a person s permission

Photography, one of the most celebrated arts in the world, is just more than pressing the shutter release button and recording the photographs. It is a beautiful form of fine art, narrating the beauty of individuals and highlighting the serenity of various landscapes. It gives a super and breathtaking revelation about everything. It is simply beautiful.

However, with all its celebrated prowess, photography is a profession and in any career, there are ethics. The popularity of this occupation means that there is an astonishing number of photographers across the world. Literally, every person is a photographer. The Smartphone industry has even added some dimension in this trade.

With the increased users, professionalism has suffered a great loss. A lot of people are misusing the freedom of taking the pictures, and street photography has emerged as one of the pertinent problems in this area. The paparazzi, commonly known for their irritating habit of forcefully taking images of every person in the street, have turned the business ugly.

No matter the circumstances, it is very unacceptable for the street photographers to take photos of other persons without their consent. Not everyone is always in the mood for the camera flashes. It breaches personal privacy and above all, it is a very annoying and irritating practice, especially when done without permission.

Street photographers should understand that they do not have any right, whatsoever of taking other people’s pictures in public without their permission because it is against those individuals’ right to privacy, and furthermore it threatens their security. As a street dweller, it is very uncomfortable when a stranger takes a snap of you, while you are not really sure what is their motive behind the act of taking the picture. Street photographers should, therefore, understand that their actions raise both the security and privacy concerns.