supply chain management decisions

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supply chain management decisions

BBA 311 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT  Task brief & rubrics  Final Presentation


The task is an individual presentation

Professor will assign you a Company on Week 9

  • Describe the products and/or services delivered
  • Show the level of globalization of the Company
  • Describe each of the three parts of the Supply Chain
    1. Supplies
    2. Manufacturing or creation of services
    3. Distribution channels
  • Identify the Logistic activities inside the Supply Chain.
  • Discuss how the selected company achieves a balance between Supply chain arrangements and the customer service. What are the main characteristics of tis supply chain? What makes it unique in terms of supply chain?
  • Is this Company priorizing reliability or flexibility in the service concept.? Why?
  • Is the supply chain aligned with the global approach of this Companies? Why?
  • At which extend the Supply Chain is helping the Company with the differentiation process from its competitors?
  • Make a critical analysis of this Supply Chain


Documents expected (all to be submitted via Moodle):

  • PPT Presentation: To last 10  minutes in class. Format: standard presentation with a minimum of 10 slides excluding cover, table of contents, and reference page. Infographics are encouraged.

 Submission: Weeks 12 and 13 in class and  Via Moodle (Turnitin) (Limit: 15th January 23h 59)

Weight: This task is a 60% of your total grade for this subject.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

  1. Assess the impact of supply chain management decisions on a particular company and its internal processes, customer services and profit optimization;
  2. Appraise the important role of logistic sand supply chains in 21st century organizations
  3. Evaluate and apply supply chain management techniques that results in improved customer service and satisfaction
  4. Construct techniques of inventory management