Sustaining the Business organisation-based report

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Sustaining the Business organisation-based report

Assignment Brief

As part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a Sustaining the Business organisation-based report.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate the concept of business sustainability and the role of KPIs in monitoring sustainability.
  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of managing failure within a business and personal context. 3. Appraise the resilience of a business.
  3. Critically evaluate the internal and external data used to make decisions within an organisational context.
  4. Apply the Viable Systems Model to the organisation, in order to diagnose and mitigate threats to sustainability.
  5. Appraise the development of the student’s own practice during the taught element of the programme and identify any further personal development opportunities that might be appropriate for them to pursue.
  6. Graduate Attribute: Effective Communication

Communicate effectively both, verbally and in writing, using a range of media widely used in relevant professional context. Be IT, digitally and information literate.

Assignment Task – Report

Part A

You must provide a proposal, on a UK organisation in such a way that your work in the assignment can be understood.

Maximum word count: 300 word(equivalent).

Part B

You must provide a report on your organisation. Your report will contain the following numbered sections. Do not include an Introduction or Conclusion section, because these will receive no marks.

  1. A critical evaluation of the sustainability of the organisation including consideration of how that sustainability might be monitored using KPIs. (20 marks)
  2. An analysis of organisational failures which may have led to the sustainability challenges. (20 marks)
  3. An appraisal of the resilience of the organisation. (20 marks)
  4. An evaluation of both internal and external data used by the organisation to make decisions. NOTE: for this answer, you must not collect original primary data e.g. interview data or survey data, because you do not have ethical approval for that. If you use any original primary data from the organisation, or confidential secondary data, you will be referred for an ethics violation and you will receive zero marks for this answer. (20 marks)
  5. Applying the Viable Systems Model to the organisation, make an analysis of the changes that are needed in key areas of the VSM, in order for the organisation to manage the challenges it faces and achieve sustainability. (20 marks)

Maximum word count: 4,000 words (equivalent).

Expert Partial Solution 

Part A

Though there are various UK-based organisations that can be used to complete this report, Celtic Renewables Ltd is the most suitable. This company has received several global recognitions following its commitment to producing sustainable biofuel from the by-products of the whisky industry. It has been estimated that every year the whisky industry produces 500,000 tonnes of draff and 1600 million litres of pot ale which historically has been used to feed animals. Celtic Renewables Ltd has used these resources and embraced the conventional ABE fermentation (also called Weizmann Fermentation) process to produce Biobutanol. By using the ABE fermentation process, this organisation produces a brand new and completely sustainable innovative substrate thus providing a sustainable disposal course for one of the leading and most iconic industries in the UK. Besides, by replacing the fossil road fuel with the sustainable biobutanol, Celtic Renewables helps the EU to meet its mandated biofuel targets…read more

Part B (3)

Celtic Renewables Ltd has stood the test of time and it has been established that this firm is able to rapidly adapt to disruptions whilst maintaining its corporate sustainability initiatives and safeguarding its overall brand equity. Its strategy is to revolutionise the Weizmann Fermentation process by applying microbiology expertise to provide unparalleled solutions for the production of more

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Sustaining the Business organisation-based report