SWOT for Yummy Yummy Incorporation

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SWOT for Yummy Yummy Incorporation

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  1. Complete the SWOT MATRIX attached below to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company  Yummy-Yummy Incorporation.
  2. Include four items in each category.
  3. As you complete each quadrant of the SWOT Matrix, consider these questions:
    • Strengths.
      • What are your selected company’s likely strengths?
      • Is your product or service in a growing industry and does it lack an entrenched competitor?
      • Are you in a niche market with great potential?
      • What strengths do you and other team members bring to the company?
    • Weaknesses.
      • What are your chosen company’s likely weaknesses?
      • How entrenched is the competition in your industry segment?
      • Is your management team inexperienced?
      • How challenging will it be to produce the product or offer the service and maintain quality?
    • Opportunities.
      • What are your company’s opportunities?
      • Does your segment have more demand than supply?
      • Have larger corporations stopped serving smaller or niche markets that you could enter?
      • Is a new market emerging because of demographics, immigration, changing tastes, et cetera?
    • Threats.
      • What are your company’s threats?
      • Does a clear market leader exist that will be hard and expensive to displace?
      • Are downward-pricing pressures in the segment making profit margins slim?
      • Are there few or no barriers to entry for new competitors?

Important notes: 

1. Include your company name and a brief description of what business you are in, as well as the product(s) and service(s) you offer for sale. 

** Business Plan attached 

SWOT Matrix



Yummy-Yummy Incorporation is a fast-food business that seeks to increase the well-being of persons in the market. The fast-food company will deal with organic products that can be prepared and sold in fast-food outlets across the country. With the increasing demand for organic products, there has been a market gap for organic products in the market. This calls for action in the retail and hospitality industry to develop ways to produce and sell products in the market. Yummy-Yummy limited will focus on offering the market organic fast-food meals that top-notch chefs make.


The foods will be made from different vegetables from different countries. Products will be outsourced from other locations, and then the products sold will be given names per the country of origin. This is unique and will make the brand’s production very efficient and effective. Moreover, the business will set up shop in the region with high demand for these organic products. One of the strategies chosen by the corporation is the pricing strategy, as these products will have to be sold at affordable prices in the market. These prices will have to be on a standard fee that will allow everyone to work together.


The overall mission for Yummy-Yummy limited is to be “The leading producer of yummy foods and ensure customers satisfaction at optimum levels.”