The challenging context of international business

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The challenging context of international business

Requirements: Minimum 4 pages, Maximum 6 pages (not including works cited page)

 Analytical Paper Instructions 300 points, 30% of course grade

 This semester, we will discuss the challenging context of international business, as well as the internal and external forces with which international firms must contend. To fully understand the unique issues international firms face requires close study of how a company within an industry addresses a particular problem. In this paper, you will apply the concepts we have discussed in class to real-world examples. You must select at least ONE domestic or international company within your industry choice (for example, Facebook in the social media industry) and write a paper where you will analyze how your company of choice expanded or failed to expand internationally. Your analysis will show how the company formed, what problems it faced as it tried to grow and expand, some of the issues the company faced as it grew using at least two of the concepts we have talked about in class (for example, labor, competitive strategy, marketing, supply chain, etc.), and finally, in your conclusion, what is the international outlook for the company’s future (if you do not think your company will expand internationally, you must give a reason why using the concepts we have studied this semester.) To help guide you through the writing process, I have included a very specific format for the paper.

The paper must be between 4 and 6 pages, double-spaced, and use no higher than 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins.


Your paper must address each of the specific set of questions laid out below. It must be divided into the following parts listed below. YOU MUST USE THE HEADINGS BELOW IN YOUR PAPER AND YOU MUST ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN THE HEADING!!!

(Introduction, Problem, Implications, Analysis, Conclusion)

 You should write in complete sentences and in paragraph form.

  1. Introduction: Introduce the company—what are they and what do they do? What is its history? How did they develop? How are they structured (multi- domestic, truly global, )?
  1. Problem: What problem(s) did the businesses face and what were the primary causes? What additional factors affected the situation? How did the businesses

work to solve the problem(s)? Were the businesses successful in solving the problem(s)? Why or why not?

  1. Implications: What are the potential implications of the issues the companies faced? In other words, how did (or how will) the problem impact thebusinesses?
  1. Analysis: How can the theories and concepts we have learned in class beapplied to or explain the situation?
  1. Conclusion: What is the international outlook for the company’s future (if you do not think your company will expand internationally, you must give a reason why using the concepts we have studied this )
  1. References Page (One page that is in addition to your 4-6 page requirement): List each of the sources you used to write your paper at the end of your paper. This page does not count as a page of written text. These should be in MLA format. Sources MUST be properly cited throughout the paper using MLA format (in-text citations).



You will need to use a wide variety of sources in this paper. You can use any or all of the following (sources are not necessarily limited to this list, but you should only use REPUTABLE sources): books, journal articles, news articles, and company websites. You should rely on a diversity of sources, and every claim you make in the paper should be cited. In addition to the above options for sources, you MUST use the following sources in a substantive way:


Plagiarism is taking somebody else’s words and passing them off as your own. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU CITE THE SOURCE—IF YOU COPY FROM THAT SOURCE OR ONLY CHANGE A FEW WORDS, IT IS

PLAGIARISM!!! You must use your own words, properly cite everything, and use as few quotes as possible. It does not matter if you intended to plagiarize or not—if you try to pass somebody else’s words off as your own, you will receive a ZERO for the final paper grade and you will be referred for academic honesty.

Other Notes

START EARLY!!! You have less than a month to write this paper, so you should not wait until the last minute to get started. If you need any help or guidance, the TA’s and myself are more than happy to help if you reach out!


 Point Deductions

10% percent will be deducted for every page under the 4-page minimum requirement (that means FULL pages, and your works cited page does not count).

If you cite the sources but forget the works cited page, 10% percent will be deducted.

If you cite the sources but do not use proper MLA formatting (including in-text citations), 5% percent will be deducted.

The challenging context of international business