The Girl Effect On the Global Economy 

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The Girl Effect On the Global Economy 

Ethical Dilemmas

Here are some scenarios that may pose an ethical dilemma. How would you handle each scenario? Please think about each situation and give the rationale for your decision.

1. You are shopping at the apple store and see someone put a pair of airpods into his pocket. What do you do?

2. You discover a wallet lying on the street with the person’s Driver’s License, credit cards and $1000.00 cash. What do you do?

3. You discover a wallet lying on the street with no ID and $1000.00 cash. What do you do?

4. You discover a $50.00 bill lying in the street. What do you do?

5. It is 3 a.m. and you are late getting home. As you approach the intersection you notice that no one is around. Do you drive through the red light?

Are some decisions easier to make than others? Why? How well prepared are you to deal with the inevitable ethical dilemmas you will face in your future work and personal life? Have you personally ever been presented with an ethical dilemma? Explain what the dilemma was and how you handled the situation?

The Girl Effect On the Global Economy 

There are 600 million adolescent girls in developing countries, but they are largely invisible to the world at large. Included among them are girls affected by armed conflict, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, sex trafficking, and internal displacement, as well as girls in child-headed households or locked in early marriages. To ignore them is to miss the “girl effect,” which could be an unexpected answer to the global economic crisis.

Read through the article attached to my post and give us your thoughts on how women are treated in some developing countries, how if attitudes changed women can make a difference in the global economy?

Here is a link to an interesting video on YouTube about the Girl Effect.

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