THE MYSTERY SHOP – Assignment brief

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THE MYSTERY SHOP – Assignment brief


Assessment 1: Project Report

Individual project report, assessing learning outcomes 1 to 4


You will be allocated a local tourism, hospitality or event organization in which you will carry out a mystery shop. To complete your mystery shop you must develop a mystery shopper framework, using theoretical and practical models. Following your mystery shop, individually you are required to produce a report for the business you have been allocated, assessing the quality of their service delivery.

You report should include the following:

  1. First, critically evaluate the importance of the service encounter. Within your discussion, consider the relationship between management, front-line employees and consumers.
  2. Explain and justify the development of your mystery shopper framework.
  3. Finally, make appropriate and justified recommendations to improve service quality.

Ensure that your appendices includes the following

  • Your mystery shopper framework



Your answer can be justified and illustrated by specific examples of best practice organizational operations.

You will be given credit for your ability to draw on a range of sources; these may be academic, or industry specific. Credit will also be given for a clearly structured answer, for the use of relevant examples, for demonstrating analytical powers, and for original or imaginative thinking.

Demonstrate in the report an ability to explore a theoretical argument that has clear implications for service businesses. The response should critically appraise the main theories and principles associated with the management of quality and service quality management. It needs to build upon wider reading and other managerial issues and will benefit from clear examples from the area of hospitality, tourism or events.

Make a reasoned argument in an academically well written report that leads the reader through argument and debate to a clear conclusion. The argument will therefore embrace the service concept whilst identifying a range of theoretical quality models.


Learning outcomes


Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated



  1. A critical understanding of the main theories and principles surrounding the management of service quality.


  1. A critical understanding of the range and importance of tools used for assessing service quality.




  1. The ability to critically appraise the management of service quality for a given service organisation.


  1. The ability to critically evaluate a range of theories and sources associated with service quality.