Tips for Calculating Staffing Needs

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Tips for Calculating Staffing Needs


Review Learning Exercise 17.4 – Calculating Staffing Needs (located in Chapter 17 of the textbook)

Calculate the staffing needs for the day shift and answer the following questions:

    1. You have on duty one RN and one LPN working 8 hour shifts and a ward clerk for 4 hours.  Are you understaffed or overstaffed?
      1. If you had the same number of patients but the acuity levels were the following, would your staffing needs be the same?
        • Two patients in category I acuity level
        • Three patients in category II acuity level
        • Two patients in category III acuity level
        • Zero patients in category IV acuity level

Expert Partial Solution 

 Category 1 Acuity LevelCategory 2 Acuity LevelCategory 3 Acuity LevelCategory 4 Acuity Level
NCH/PPD needed for day shift2.
NCH/PPD needed for PM shift2.
NCH/PPD needed for night shift0.

1 patient in category 1

2 patients in category 2

3 patients in category 3

1 patient in category 4

Nursing Care Hours (NCH)

Per Patient Day (PPD)

NCH/PPD = Nursing Hours Worked in 24 hours

                                     Patient Census

Hours worked in 24 hours = NCH/PPD x Patient census

                                    = (2.3×1) + (2.9×2) + (3.4 x 3) more

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Tips for Calculating Staffing Needs