Tips for Healthcare Improvement

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Tips for Healthcare Improvement

Healthcare Improvement

 Assignment 1

This week you will upload your presentation slides by end of unit 5.

The assignment carries a possible 40% of the overall module weighting (available marks).

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this assignment you are expected to demonstrate evidence of your knowledge of the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the requirement for service redesign and improvement and explore the associated evidence base for the application of industrial methods of service improvement.
  2. Critically appraise reasons for successful project delivery versus failure.
  3. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the drivers for service improvement and why some drivers are more important to some stakeholders than others.

Assignment Details

For this assessment, you are required to produce a presentation on the given question and present it to a small number of your peers. During week 2 of the module, you will be required to sign up to a specific group, at a suitable time for you to undertake your presentation in our online (Zoom) conference. Each presentation will be 10 minutes long and you will be required to answer any questions from your tutor and fellow students. In line with our marking policy, all presentations will be recorded for moderation purposes. Please ensure that you upload your presentation slides to the Learning Platform during unit 5. This is a requirement of the assessment and failure to submit your slides will results in a 5% reduction of your marks, as dictated in the mark scheme for this assignment.

You should produce around 10-15 presentation slides as a maximum which you will use in your live presentation in the following week.


Presentation topic

Discuss how industry methods for improvement have been applied to healthcare reflecting on a healthcare improvement initiative. You may wish to use an improvement initiative within your local context.

Ensure the following are described:

  • Where the initiative took place.
  • The target system or process and the problem being addressed.
  • The organisational/team/system context within which the improvement initiative took place.
  • The drivers for improvement.
  • A description of the improvement, including the methods and/or frameworks used.
  • The methods used to evaluate the improvement initiative and the outcome/results.
  • Critically appraise the reasons for successful project delivery versus failure.

Assignment Guidance

  1. You will be required to present this in a live session (which you will have signed up to in unit 2) to a number of your module peers.
  2. Appropriate sessions will be offered to allow for different time zones, with an opportunity on week 2 to sign up to one of these.
  3. In week 2, you will need to confirm with your tutor which option you have chosen.
  4. You should aim to produce around 10-15 presentation slides as a maximum, based on the allocated time of 10 minutes.
  5. Please provide references (using the Harvard Referencing style) for any material (i.e. images or tables) presented from other sources online.
  6. You are required to submit your presentation slides ahead of your presentation at the end of Unit 5. Please see the deadline details for further information. Please note that this is a requirement of this assessment, failure to submit your slides will result in a 5% reduction of your marks as dictated in the mark scheme for this assignment.
  7. During the live session (which takes place within Unit 6), your tutor will time your presentation to ensure timing is fair to your peers. As this is a live assessment you will be required to present live on Zoom, it is not possible to prerecord your presentation for assessment purposes.
  8. There will be 3 minutes of questions from your peers on your presentation. You will be asked questions on your chosen healthcare improvement initiative, the rationale behind its implementation, reasons for successful project delivery versus failure etc.
  9. You will be marked on your ability to undertake specific research and present this in a concise manner.
  10. Failure to turn up to your presentation session will result in a fail grade for this assignment.

Please note: In line with our marking policy, all presentations will be recorded for moderation purposes. Your tutor will grade your work and provide feedback within 7 days of the submission deadline; following the live presentations.

Tips for Healthcare Improvement

Turnitin Originality Check

Before submitting your assignment, it is important to check the originality of your work by submitting your assignment to Turnitin.

By submitting your assignment to this tool you will receive an originality report which can be used to check that you have not included other authors work without correct citation. It is important to note that submitting your work to the Turnitin Originality Check tool does not count as a submission of your final work. You must still submit your assignment below.

Textbook: Patient Safety and Healthcare Improvement at a Glance

Edition: 1st

Author(s): Panesar, S., Carson-Stevens, A., Salvilla, S.

Date of Publication: 2014

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Place of Publication: New Jersey

Required Reading

Alteras, T. T., Meyer, J. A., & Silow-Carroll, S. (2007) Hospital Quality Improvement: Strategies and Lessons From U.S. Hospitals. New York: The Commonwealth Fund.

Livingood, W. C., Bilello, L. & Lukens-Bull, K. (2019) Seeing the quality improvement forest through the quality improvement trees: A meta-synthesis of case studies in Florida and Georgia. SAGE Open Medicine 7: 1-10. DOI: 10.1177/2050312119845703.

NHS England. (2019) Quality Improvement Case Studies. London: HMSO.

Additional Reading

Graig, L., & Perosino, K. (2011) Applying Lean to Improve the Patient Visit Process at Three Federally Qualified Health Centers. Altarum Institute.

Tips for Healthcare Improvement