Tips for Writing an Email Message

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Tips for Writing an Email Message

Writing an Email Message

This email message assignment is based on a workplace scenario that establishes your writing situation.

Please read the following scenario, then review the assignment requirements before beginning to write.


You are the sales manager for WidgetCorp.

As sales manager for a large information technology and parts manufacturer, you are concerned about the use of profanity by your sales associates.  Some defend profanity, claiming that it helps them fit in.  Some of your sales reps have said that they are uncomfortable with it while other sales reps have said that it helps relax listeners and drive home a point. Some female sales reps who use profanity have said that it makes them “one of the boys.”  You have done some research, however, and you have learned that law courts have ruled that profanity on the job projects a negative image of the individual and of the company.  Although foul language is heard increasingly on TV and in the movies, you think it is a bad habit, and  you want to see it curbed on the job.  More importantly, you want your company to be a positive workplace for both employees and customers.

As sales manager of Widgetcorp, compose an email to your sales staff of the implementation of a new policy that will encourage them to curb their use of profanity and create a more professional work environment. You now need to write a message to all your sales staff informing them of the new policy and its details. The policy will take effect 4 weeks after you issue the email.

Tips for Writing an Email Message