Tips on Business Proposal Writing

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Tips on Business Proposal Writing

  1. ICA Outline

The assignment covers the topic on Business Proposal Writing. It is designed to give you a first-hand experience of applying the knowledge so that you can come up with a solution and apply the appropriate style and format for each section, respectively. Based on the scenario that you have chosen, you have to research, collect and analyse the information you have gathered to form meaningful conclusions to support your solution. You will submit a typewritten proposal and include non-essential supporting information on your analysis and findings in your Appendix.

  1. Requirements
  2. This is an individual assignment that requires you to write a 5 – 8-page business proposal on one of the two scenarios provided. The number of pages you submit for the Appendix section is not considered.

Scenario 1

Your colleague from the United States of America will be transferred to the Singapore office which is located in One North. He will be bringing his spouse and two children aged three and five, respectively, to live and work in Singapore for two years.


You must look for suitable accommodation for the four of them to help them settle in as quickly as possible. Some criteria include: location, price, amenities, proximity to office and mall, and public transportation. Write a proposal to your manager outlining the pros and cons for two/three accommodation which you have selected, out of which you have to propose one. You are free to propose a serviced apartment or private rental not exceeding $6000 per month. Arrange the key features and costs of the accommodation in a table for comparison. Be persuasive and give reasons why your proposal should be approved by your manager. You can refer to or to get information about the rental property in Singapore.

Scenario 2

You are a manager in a small to mid-size enterprise (SME) who secured the company’s previous mobile phone contract for 20 colleagues in your company. You are aware that the contract expires in two months. Based on recent advertising, you know that you can find a business mobile plan at a lower price.


Investigate the business mobile plans offered by three telcos in Singapore. Some criteria include: IDD calls/roaming services, voice calls, data, caller-ID. Look for other features which would be helpful to business users. Arrange the key features and costs of the business mobile plan in a table for comparison. Be persuasive and propose a telco to your Director and give reasons why your proposal to switch to a particular telco should be approved.

  1. Include a 100-word reflection on how your business writing skills have improved as a result of completing the proposal and using the e-learning resources. You can also identify areas which you are weak at and are working to improve on.
  1. This assignment must be typed and prepared in Word document, with a font size of 12, with 1.5 spacing.
  1. Submission


Your proposal should consist of the following parts:

  1. Cover Page Include, module number and title, name, admission number and date.
  2. Table of Contents Page
  3. Proposal with Relevant Headings
  4. Skills Growth Reflections
  5. Appendix (if any)

Tips on Business Proposal Writing