Topdressing crops in western Australia

SPECIFICALLY, TALK ABOUT THE ISSUE OF TOP DRESSING for growing crops such as canola wheat ad lupins

Write a consultant’s report that outlines the scope of End of season broadacre (Wheat, Canola, Lupin ) Agronomy issues AND SPECIFICALLY TALK ABOUT THE ISSUE OF TOP DRESSING of (Wheat, Canola, Lupins) in Geraldton, Western Australia with rainfall ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm

This report should include introductory information of approx 500 words around the project or issue being investigated with reference to appropriate primary research material if there is any
The report should have solutions that are suggested or being worked towards as well as detail around the timing and economic viability of the project if its possible

it is to talk about top dressing crops in western Australia ( low rainfall conditions)

some tables could be useful…..