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For this discussion, I asked you to watch a black-and-white video entitled “Twelve Angry Men” (it was first performed live on television on September 20, 1954).  Please note that, while this is not a graded forum, it will count towards your class participation grade.

Here is the link to the restored video on You Tube:

Here is a copy of the original teleplay script by playwright Reginald Rose:  12-angry-men-script.pdf

Here is the document labeled “Twelve Angry Men Assignment” which you should print out and have in front of you as you watch the video: 12 Angry Men Assignment .pdf

You will refer to your answers on your answers to the 12 Angry Men Assignment to participate in the discussion in this forum.


  1. What are the significant legal issues/concepts/themes in the play? What role does each of the jurors play in “showing” these concepts to the audience?
  2. What are your thoughts regarding the commercials shown during the broadcast? How are they different from/similar to ads today?

1.  Reasonable doubt is the significant legal issues in the play. Foreman is a man who has authority to handle the stuff. Juror two is too hesitate to come up with his own reasonable doubts. Juror three is a hot-tempered sadism who forces others to listen to his opinions. Juror four is man with wealth, position and good behavior who only cares about the facts. Juror five is a naïve young man who grows up in a violent slum. Juror six is a principled man who makes a decision slowly and is willing to hear other’s opinions. Juror seven is loud man who cares less about his responsibility. Juror eight is a gentle man who seeks the truth and bravely challenge the evidence. Juror nine is wise and observant senior who finds out the missing detail of evidence. Juror ten is a pushy and prejudiced bigot. Juror eleven is an immigrant from Europe who is humble and loves this country. Juror twelve is indecisive man who tries to be a good follow.

2. The commercials shown during the broadcast have some similar forms of ads today, such as having a slogan, commercial song and adding a story to introduce the details of the product. They differ from today’s ads in terms of clarity and color, and they are not so clear and black and white videos.

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