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1. OASIS programs reflect UC San Diego’s mission to develop students who have a commitment to social justice and community involvement. Therefore, our summer programs will feature the study and/or discussion of issues such as racism, social class disparities, poverty, the inequality of schools, etc. Describe an experience you have had that demonstrates your willingness to engage with such issues. Address how the experience changed your way of thinking or challenged you.

2. Describe how your cultural background can be an asset AND a challenge to you while attending UC San Diego. Explain how you can contribute to the diversity and learning among UC San Diego students.

3. Our programs require a high level of commitment and participation during the summer AND academic year. Share one example of a time when you committed to participating in a diverse program or organization. Describe the challenges you faced to stay involved and how you balanced that with other commitments (e.g., family, school, work, social life, etc.).