UMP Organisation or Service Project Plan Template

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UMP Organisation or Service Project Plan Template

Student Number:Organisation or service: Learning Disability Services


Question 1. Identify and analyse three strategic issues facing the overall sector of your chosen business or service.  (Total 300 words)

PointStrategic IssuesEvidence (financial, reports, news etc)Model(s)/Theory(ies)





Lack of workforce

“The Mental Health Network, which represents mental health and learning disability service providers in England, said that one in 10 posts in specialist mental health services was currently vacant” (Rimmer, Abi). Difficulty in hiring trained people to work in this area tends to increase as Brexit will prevent the sector to easily hire people from EU due to the complexity of immigration processes.






Rimmer, Abi-British Medica Journal (BJM), January 31,2018)





Pestel – Brexit





Fund Cutting

Real threat in loosing access to EU funds. Withdrawal of funding for programmes and research development may happen. There are many programmes, schools, jobs and research teams based in the UK that are in fact funded by EU funds. For example, the ESF funds six employment programmes for people with disabilities across the UK. The main concern is where will these funds come from as the government did not yet commit to continue funding these programmes after 2020.  ( Alfonso Montero); (August 14,2017)



Pestel – Cut of funding coming from the EU





     Change in disability rights protection

In the last years EU, influenced the legislation to protect those with disabilities. With the Uk leaving the European Union, the sector is now facing a change in the current laws, resulting of limited rights which are now safeguarded by the European Court of Justice. There is a real possibility that Uk citizens will not be able to appeal to the European court in case of injustice (Montero, A).  ( Alfonso Montero); (August 14,2017)



Legal – Change in laws which were impact by EU



Question 2. Identify and analyse three challenges facing your chosen company or service.  (Total 300 words)

UMP Organisation or Service Project Plan Template

PointChallengesEvidence (financial, reports, news etc)Model(s)/Theory(ies)






Staff recruitment

The free movement of people within the EU will have a great impact in the NHS workforce. Approximately 200 thousand professionals which represent 5% of the total workers employed by the NHS.

The immigration system will become more restrictive in the EU making harder to recruit staff from the different EU states.

“The Mental Health Network, which represents mental health and learning disability service providers in England, said that one in 10 posts in specialist mental health services was currently vacant. “ (Rimmer,A).

This sector is currently suffering due to the lack of specialists and tends to get worse by the new immigration restrictions within the EU.



2Development issues

There are many active programmes in the UK that are funded by the EU such as horizon 2020, The innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), EU Health Programme 2014-2020, European Structural and Investment Funds and Ad hoc EU funding calls. One of the main threats that we will face after Brexit is that we cannot be sure if we will still be granted access to these programmes as well as its funds. The free movement of goods will also affect the NHS as it currently imports many vital drugs from other countries within the EU, it will become much|

more expensive, harder to access and might take longer to receive.   X 
3Legal aspects

NHS employees with disabilities may no longer be protected by the laws implemented by the EU and will not have access to the same court which has ruled in favour of the famous case of UK carer Sharon Coleman.

“and the UK would not automatically benefit from future developments” (prof. Lawson) improvements are made daily by the EU to provide equality and security for all citizens including the ones with special needs such as people with disabilities. Not being able to access new laws automatically might delay or even stop these people to receive the same fair treatment as people living in other countries in the EU. 


Question 3. Identify and analyse the three solutions to address the challenges facing your chosen company or service.  (Total 300 words)

UMP Organisation or Service Project Plan Template

PointSolutionsEvidence (financial, reports, news, best practice guidance, etc)Model(s)/Theory(ies)





High employment turnover is a very critical situation for any organisation especially in the healthcare services because patients need the reliable and registered nurses to seek their wellbeing. Learning disability sector facing the high decline in the employed nurses, midwives, and it is losing the effective management of the services. To reduce the employees issues following suggestion are useful

·         Effective management of the shift based timing and rotational timing for the nurses to facilitate them with relaxing time

·         Introduction of the stress management techniques in the organisation to reduce their job pressure

·         Introduce effective financial benefits to the employees

·         Motivational classes from the senior managers to deal the critical situation and effective communication opportunity offer them right to work with effective management implication

employ development







Financial and economic issues are possible to occur in the operations and affect the implication of the various programs as introduction of the Brexit.

·         Brexit will not affect the EU and relation of the NHS programs

·         These programs can be practiced continuously as practised in before the action of Britain exit

·         According to an announcement by the Prime minister, graduate nursing students are must to practice  in the UK for 2 years to manage the  development of the health care services



2018 IfG Brexit impact [final for web].pdf

Research paper





Healthcare workers facing the challenges to get protection from the labour law in UK and EU some of the challenges are very critical ad to solve the issues related to the labour laws are as follows;

·         Clearly define the workplace regulations and relevancy of the code of the conduct to the employees

·         Framing harassment policies and effective guidelines with effective equal justice opportunities to the employees

·         Effective evaluation of each action of the harassment or injustice in the organisation


News article


Question 4. Explain how your company or service could practically implement one solution from those listed in Question 3.  (Total 300 words)

Specific objectiveApproach (marketing, HRM, Operations, Practice etc.)


Stage 1: Inputs, financial, technological, material, human.


Stage 2: Actions and timeline


Stage 3: Delivery and Evaluation




Employment growth and Development of effective Human Resources·         planning to manage and fill the vacant post of the nursing health care providers

·         HR managers can conduct interviews to hire the reliable and potential employees

·         graduate students can be selected for the internship to help out the registered nurses


1.      advertising the vacant position

2.      Selecting the resumes

3.      Conducting the interviews

4.      Finalising the candidate

5.      Final interview

6.      Probation

7.      Resources required here will be HR Managers, IT and development department and professionals of admin department

After the interviews selected nursing students or  their staff will take a training session that will be for the duration of 30 days and a probation of 60 days to confirms the learning of employees according the regulations and ethics of the organisationMany employees are scrutinized during the probation approximate 30% employees are possible to leave during training session and probation but finalized employees after probation are worth to the organization and possible to deliver the better outcomes to the organisationSimple recruitment bottom to top process with effective implementation of the identifies HR resources importance in the organisation