Understanding Buyer and Customer Behavior

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Understanding Buyer and Customer Behavior

Section A: Short Questions. Each Question carries 10 marks. (Answer All THREE questions. Total 30 marks)

Evaluate THREE distinct forms of cultural learning with examples for illustration. (10 marks)

Explain FOUR basic functions of a family and illustrate the potential impacts on consumer behaviors? (10 marks)

Explain the concept of Trio of Needs and its marketing implication. (10 marks)

Section B: Case Studies (Answer ALL THREE questions in this part. Total 70 marks).

Miele, a German manufacturer, manufactures and markets high-end domestic appliances to As the marketing manager of Miele, you are requested to increase the sales of premium baking ovens in Hong Kong.

Some consumers are willing to buy high quality products with premium brand image.

Before starting the planning process, you are required to answer:

  • As a marketer, why should you understand consumer behaviors thoroughly? (10 Marks)
  • What are the potential difficulties in launching premium baking oven (i.e. build-in models) in Hong Kong? (5 Marks)
  • Can you discuss FOUR possible ways of arousing consumer’s motives? Would you propose any marketing tactic based on the possible arousal of motives? (10 Marks)

Under the influence of social media and strong marketing effort, young people are willing upgrade their smartphones or change their fashion styles frequently. You are asked to answer:

  • Discuss THREE interacting systems of personality of Freudian Theory. (12 Marks)
  • Select and discuss any TWO print advertisements for demonstrating the application of Freudian Theory. (8 Marks)

Under the influence of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, the numbers of incoming travelers decreased to an extremely low level. Sa Sa International Holdings is facing critical challenge and looking for strategic changes (please read this article: https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3096081/sa-sa-pushes-e-commerce-strategy-shore-sales-mainland-tourists ).

As the marketing consultant, you are asked to explain this phenomenon:

  • Will both Hong Kong consumers and mainland tourist accept the new strategy proposed by Sa Sa International Holdings? Please apply any FOUR relevant theories of consumer behaviors for analyzing the acceptance and effectiveness of new strategy. (20 Marks)
  • As the marketing manager of Sa Sa International Holdings, you are required to identify the potential target consumers (hint: explain the consumer’s profile or personality) who are willing to alter their behaviors from store to online purchase. (5 Marks)