Understanding Excel Formulas and Functions

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Understanding Excel Formulas and Functions

Session 1.1 Quick Check1.

How are chart sheets different from worksheets?

A chart sheet only contains a chart that is linked to a given set of data within a workbook. It contains other graphical elements such as clip art, though it does not contain a grid for entering data values. A worksheet, on the other hand, contains a grid of rows and columns into the user can enter dates, numbers, formulas, and texts. It can contain graphical elements like clip art, maps, and charts.

What is the cell reference for the cell located in the third column and fourth row of a worksheet?


Each cell is is identified by a cell reference,which indicates the column and row in which the cell is located.

What is the range reference for the block of cells D3 through E10?


What is the ranger reference for cells A1 through C5 and cells A8 through C12?.

A1:C5, A8:C12

How is text aligned within a worksheet cell by default?

By default,text is left-aligned within worksheet cells,and numbers,dates,and times are right-aligned.

How would the number 00514 appear in a cell?


Cell B2 contains the entry of May 3, 2021. Why doesn’t Excel consider this a text entry?

Excel stores dates and times as numbers and not as text. In this case, it stores the date as a number equal to the number of days between May 3, 2021 and January 0, 1900.

How do you autofit a column to match its longest cell entry?

To autofit a column to match its longest cell entry, double-click the right boarder of the column heading. Next, click the AutoFit Column Width to resize the columns so that all content is fully displayed.

What is the formula to add values in cells A1, B1, and C1? What function will achieve the same result?

Formula to add values in cells A1, B1, and C1 is =A1+B1+C1

Function that will achieve the same result is = SUM (A1:C1)

What is the formula to count the number of numeric values in the range A1: A30?

  1. =COUNT(A1:A30)

Cell E11 contains the formula =SUM(E1:E10). How is the formula adjusted when a new row is inserted above row 5?


In the following function, which arguments are required and which arguments are optional:
AVERAGE (number1 , [number2] , [number3] , …)

Number 1 is a required argument; number2, number3… are optional arguments

What is the formula to sum all the numeric values in column C.

=Sum (C:C)

Describe the four ways of viewing worksheet contents in Excel.

Normal view: This shows the columns and rows of the worksheet.

Page Layout view: Shows the worksheet as it appears on a printed page.

Page Break Preview: Shows the location of different page breaks within the worksheet.

Formula view: Displays the formulas contained in the worksheet instead of the values they return.

How are page breaks indicated in Page Break Preview?

Page breaks are indicated using blue dotted lines.


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Understanding Excel Formulas and Functions