Using Information Systems

By Support


Explore how small, large, and global organizations use information systems. Look at the following systems and describe how they change as an organization increases in size and global reach.

Accounting: As an organization increases in size and global reach, its accounting systems become more complex. Financial transactions grow in volume and require more advanced accounting software and processes. The organization is obliged to abide by international accounting standards and regulations. 

Interoffice and intraoffice employee communications: The need for diverse communication channels become more crucial as the organisation grows and expands globally. Systems might integrate collaborative platforms, instant messaging, and video conferencing to facilitate flawless communication. 

Email: As the organization expands internationally, email systems should be advanced to support manifold character sets and languages to ensure seamless communication. Email security also becomes paramount to prevent data breaches and phishing. 

Document storage: Document storage becomes more scalable to accommodate increased document types and larger data volumes. Organizations tend to adopt cloud-based document storage systems as increase their global reach.

Webserver (Online presence): Organizations growing globally often translate their websites into different languages to reach diverse audiences. They may also need to integrate geo-targeting to provide location-specific content.

 Cybersecurity: As an organization increases in size and global reach, it has to enhance its cybersecurity measures as it becomes more susceptible to cybercrimes. It also has to comply with international regulations in different jurisdictions.  

 Asset Management: As an organization grows in size, its asset management systems become more robust to track a bigger inventory of assets, such as facilities, technology, and equipment, across diverse geographical locations.

Write a business plan for an organization that is just starting and will grow to support larger local and global operations. It is important to remember that some systems will be beyond the financial commitment of the small organization as it gets up and running. Thus, it is important to think about systems that can be leveraged while a small organization that will need to be scaled up or replaced when the organization achieves major milestones (large within a single country and global reach).