Using technology to manage students data

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Using technology to manage students data

 Teachers use technology to record and manage a range of student’s data. This can be for example at an institutional level, for a year group of students or a subject area and to compare information and trends over time. Big data is also analyzed by managers and governors, so they can make judgement about the progress of the school or college. This is also the case with external inspectors

  • Prepare an information sheet for governors of the school which explains the meaning of the big data and its relationship with students in school.


more than 4 cases where big data for students is collected, managed and analysed is  detailed while stressing on the benefits this bring.

the meaning of big data and what this could include is clearly explained in a structured manner. the information is sufficiently detailed, and understandable.

1b- Use technology to manage the student data

1b-there is clear evidence of use of technology to manage the student data including a clear and justified explanation of the data and the technology used.

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