VP-shell analysis and what motivated it

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VP-shell analysis and what motivated it

Part A: Questions

1.What is  VP-shell analysis and what motivated it? Discuss it with an example of your own. (You do not need to draw a tree in this exercise). (2)

  1. Provide an example sentence of your own and justify why the head of the sentence is T using two constituency tests. Make sure to explain your example. (2)
  2. Consider the following sentences and the grammaticality judgements provided, on the assumption that the words in bold are coreferential. Explain these judgements on the basis of the Anaphor Generalization and the Pronoun Generalization (second revision) that we have considered in the course. Make sure to use the relevant terms in your explanation. Provide a separate explanation for each sentence, under each example. (3)

(a) Caroline knows herself.

(b) Caroline’s boyfriend knows himself.

(c) *Edward’s girlfriend knows himself.

(d) *Caroline  knows her.

(e) Caroline’s boyfriend knows her.

(f) *Caroline’s boyfriend knows him.

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Part B: Tree drawing and analysis

  1. Carefully look at the tree in Test 2_Tree_4g. It represents the ungrammatical sentence in (g) below. Explain what is wrong in the tree (that is, which mistakes lead to ungrammaticality) by using the syntactic terminology used in class (e.g. features, movement, etc.). If there are any missing features in the tree, indicate so. (2)

(g) *She is not having eaten meat.

  1. Illustrate the complete Hierarchy of Projections (disregard non-finite T) with one example sentence of your own and indicate which element in your example sentence stands for each element in the HP. (You can draw the relevant tree by hand and send it as a .jpg or .pdf file. Write your name by hand on the document. Name the file Tree_question 5). (2)
  1. Draw a tree for each of the sentences in h. and i. Explain the differences that you find and also the similarities in terms of movement and features. (You can draw the trees by hand and upload them as a .jpg or .pdf file. Write your name by hand on the document. Name the files Tree_question 6h and Tree_question 6i). (4)

(h) He is not drinking wine.

(i)  He does not drink wine.