What is Intellectual Property

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What is Intellectual Property

A. Read the given word file and in your own words, respond to the following 10 questions:

1. What is Intellectual Property ?
2. Describe the 4 types of intellectual property.
3. Describe the 3 types of patents – Which apply to engineered goods? There are three types of patents – Utility, Design, and Plant
4. What are the 3 requirements that the law requires patents to be?
5. What are the requirements for filing an internationally recognized patent?
6. Describe the 7 elements that are typically included in the patent description.
7. What are the patent’s claims?
8. Describe the guidelines for crafting the claims.
9. Describe the 4 ways a patent application may be pursued.

10. What is the text’s recommended seven-step process for pursuing a patent?

B. Research what you as an engineer must do as part of your research practice and documentationto protect the development work so you can successfully defend the originality and precedence of your work.


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