What service daemon can be configured

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What service daemon can be configured

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What service daemon can | Computer Science homework help

1. What service daemon can be configured and started so that linuxsupersuser does not have to manage and assign static ip addresses to a network host?

2. The linux firewall daemon iptables can enforce rules on all the following chains except input output route forward

3. As a security measure, all tcp services are protected by tcp wrappers, what two files make up the tcp wrappers?

4. After linux uses the secure shell command to generate a pair of public and private keys what should the user do with the public key?

5. The secure shell daemon, sshd listens whatcp port?

6. A user with the name jsmith will have the default directory ___ assigned to him for private use

7. The first line of a Linux Bash script must be ____

8. When using the chmod command in numeric mode, the permission r– can be represented by what number?

9. You can manage groups by using the following commmnads except___ groupadd,groupmod,groupdel,grouprm