What was the organizational history of BP

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What was the organizational history of BP

Describe the setting of this case study?

What was its current organizational structure prior to the disaster?

The British Petroleum (BP) company was founded in 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company right after William Knox D’arcy struck oil after searching Iran for 8 years. The company stayed in the British government’s ownership up until the late 1970s where they started selling off the company’s shares as a way to increase company productivity, Only to near bankruptcy. After changing CEO in the 1990s and changing the logo to “Beyond Petroleum” the company was able to grow back up again by starting to brand itself as an eco-friendly oil company. Over the next decade, they began launching alternative energy divisions and became the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer and Britain’s largest producer of wind energy. Though in May of 20007 the company changed CEOs yet again, introducing Tony Hayward which wanted to come and put focus on the worker’s safety and cutting off a lot of management due to so many decisions being made.

Read the Loose Lips Case Study (located in Course Information) and:

1. Describe the situation and the key players (their roles and relationship to each other)

2. Identify why this case study is related to the Human Resource Frame and defend your position.

3. How you would have addressed the conflict if you were the Town Manager?


Read the case study, present and defend your analysis based on one of the organizational         frames, comment on at least three other students’ posts

Why this case study is related to the Human Resource Frame 

As Bolman & Deal (2017) point out, the ‘human resource frame centers on what organizations and people do to and for one another.” An organization needs people for their talent, effort, and energy and people need the organization for intrinsic and extrinsic rewards it offers. This week’s case study is related to this frame because it focuses on integrating people’s needs and the organizational requirement. In this context, the village police are the organization, while players like Ulrich, Overbeck, Slater, Wahr, and Gill are the people. The village police management needs the people for the services they render, while the people need the police for its awards. The human resource leader believes …Read more 

How I would have addressed the conflict if I were the Town Manager

Ulrich and Overbeck have a relationship conflict that is arising mainly from matters of taste and differences in personality. It is said that “Overbeck was the consummate politician, while Ulrich never held back his feelings, and called a spade a spade, as it were.” As the Town Manager, I would have solved this relationship conflict by throwing the two together (by, for example, pairing them for a shift) and requesting them to get along. I would also request them to focus on discovering things that they have in common-whether their years of experience in law enforcement, shared concerns about problems in the village, or their past learning institutions. This can help bring the two together and settle their. 

What do you believe to be the organization structure, human resource management structure, and safety policies at BP, which contributed to the disaster?

The company began by a really rigid system in 1980’s compromised of several layers of management who it very difficult to take decisions quickly and in a flexible way. Then came the new CEO Robert Harton, Who made some financial improvements by cutting expenses and made the decision making process way more flexible and made employees way more engaged. After that, came John Browne who made some significant improvements in terms of the employees entrepreneurial mindset and created the asset performance management system that focused on …

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