Product and process design should occur concurrently

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Product and process design should occur concurrently

Why is it important for product and process design to occur concurrently? Can you think of a product or service that “could not be produced” by the process selected?

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Product design sets the features and characteristics of the good or service that customers need. The primary objective of product design is to produce a product with outstanding functional utilities within a reasonable timeframe and at an acceptable cost. Process design on the other hand, enables the firm to determine the equipment needs, workflow, and the implementation requirements for a given product. Since the main goal of any organization is to provide goods and services that meet consumer needs and create value for them, both product and process design…Read more

Products or services that require customization in order to satisfy customers with diverse tastes and preferences can hardly be produced with product and process design taking place at the same time. Clothing products, for example, require application of mass customization due to the unique consumers’ personal preferences. In the production of clothing items, organizations do not have a specific or select process that is applicable to all products. They are impelled to apply …Read more


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Product and process design should occur concurrently