Working in the Criminal Justice System

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Module Title: The Criminal Justice System

Mode of Assessment: Coursework (weighted 100%)

Description: Critical analysis of an area of multi-agency working in the Criminal Justice System:

 Select one of the following topics, and drawing on the learning from the module, undertake a critical analysis of the topic, with reference to the following;

  • Origins and purpose of your topic/policy (to include)
  • Drivers or influences on development
  • Legislation/policy
  • Operation of your topic/policy in practice (to include)
  • Role of each agency
  • Links/interface of agencies
  • Benefits/challenges/dynamics
  • Effectiveness of your chosen topic/policy (to include)
  • Has your area of work achieved the aims?
  • Impact on service users/victims, including consideration of disproportionate or differential impacts on diverse individuals


  • IOM
  • Prevent/Counter-terrorism
  • Safeguarding – Adult or Child
  • Mental Health Treatment Requirements
  • Drug Rehabilitation Requirements


3000 words (your work will be marked up to this word limit only)

We take an inclusive approach to assessment and therefore you will be able to take advantage of formative and developmental feedback as you work through the module, as well as summative grading and feedback at the end. Similarly, and subject to negotiation, we offer flexibility to submit in alternative formats, such as presentations or video, in individual cases.  Regardless of format, students are required to adhere to appropriate academic conventions in referencing and citation, the word count (or equivalent) must be adhered to, and the work needs to demonstrate critical analysis appropriate to Level 5.

Please contact the module leader if you would like to discuss an alternative to the standard written coursework for this assignment.

Please use Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman fonts, with 11-12 size. If you have a preference for another font for accessibility reasons, please let the module team know. When using Word, please do not amend the default margins/spacing settings.

Please use the provided template (which will have additional bullet point guidance)

 Submission arrangements for coursework:

Information about the assessment and how to submit this work will be found on the module Blackboard site within the assessment tab. In the assessment tab you will find:

  • Assessment guidance screencast
  • Formative assessment template
  • Formative assessment submission point
  • Final assessment template
  • Final assessment submission point

When you submit via the link on Blackboard you must include the following integrity statement:

“By submitting this work, I certify that it is my own work and that the work of other people is duly referenced and acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy.”

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If you are a student with a learning contract, please include any marking guidance from your learning contract at the start of your submission.

Assessment criteria:




A statement of what a learner should know, do or understand



A statement of which aspects of learner work will be judged, in relation to the LO



A statement of the typical pass requirement, in relation to the LO

Articulate an understanding of the origins and operation of the agencies, policies, and processes of the CJSAbility to critically outline and discuss the factors leading to policy developments in the CJS. Ability to explore the role  of key CJS agencies, with a level of analysis and criticalityAbility to identify and describe the key agencies, policies and processes of the CJS
Analyse the decision-making processes of the outcome of offences, and the role of the key CJS agencies in the implementation and management of these sentences/disposalsArticulate the processes and considerations in the way offences are dealt with. Critically explore the role and processes of the agencies who implement or manage these outcomesAbility to outline the process and factors of how offences and dealt with. Describe the role of the agencies implementing these outcomes
Evaluate the dynamics, benefits and challenges of multi-agency working in the CJSIdentify and critically discuss the dynamics and interactions of agencies in the CJSRecognise factors which influence the way agencies interact in the CJS
Analyse how involvement with the CJS may impact upon individuals, and how these impacts and experiences may differArticulate a critical understanding of the way involvement with the CJS, as offender or victim can impact upon individuals. Critically explore why, and in what ways these impacts can differ according to diverse characteristicsIdentify differential impacts and outcomes for individuals involved in the CJS


Critical analysis of an area of multi-agency working in the Criminal Justice System

Please use this template, unless you have agreed an alternative format with the Module Leader.

The bullet points are for guidance, and to prompt the issues you should be discussing in each section. Feel free to use these to guide your work, and delete them before submitting.

*** To help with calculating word count – this template has 200 words***                                                                                 

Origins and intentions of your chosen topic

·         What is the purpose of your chosen area/topic?

·         Why was this area of work developed?

·         Identify and discuss relevant legislation/policy

·         What socio-political factors influenced or led to these developments?

·         Media/politics/high-profile cases?


Role of the agencies

·         Which agencies have a role to play in this area?

·         Do multiple agencies work together – with shared or different responsibilities?

·         What mechanisms or formal arrangements guide this work?

·         Are there benefits/challenges to working together?



·         What difference has this practice made to offending?

·         How can we measure impact/effectiveness?

·         Are there wider impacts, intended or otherwise?

·         Has the impact been experienced differently by certain individuals/communities/groups?


Reference List

·         Include all sources cited in your text

·         Please ensure these references are in APA 7th format