Written Assignment Patient Falls Worksheet

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 Written Assignment Patient Falls Worksheet

Make sure that you are focusing on:

  • Common causes of patient falls
  • Actions to prevent falls


  • Answer the questions listed below using complete sentences.
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and APA format.
  • Support your answers using credible sources such as textbooks, course materials, and evidence-based articles (1 Point).
  • Textbook use Workman, D.I.M. L. ([Insert Year of Publication]). Medical-Surgical Nursing (10th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences (US). https://ambassadored.vitalsource.com/books/9780323654050


How do I know if a source is credible?

How do I find evidence-based practice articles? Or nursing best practices?

  1. Identify the common causes of patient falls. (2 Points)
  • Weakness, low balance
  • Dizziness 
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness
  • Memory loss
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Home hazards
  • Chronic conditions

Useful Sources

Baris, V. K., & Seren Intepeler, S. (2019). Views of key stakeholders on the causes of patient falls and prevention interventions: A qualitative study using the international classification of functioning, disability and health. Journal of clinical nursing28(3-4), 615-628.

Tzeng, H. M., & Chang-Yi, Y. (2006). The staff-working height and the designing-regulation height for patient beds as possible causes of patient falls. Nursing economics24(6), 323.

Hignett, S., & Masud, T. (2006). A review of environmental hazards associated with in-patient falls. Ergonomics49(5-6), 605-616.

LeWitt, P. A., Kymes, S., & Hauser, R. A. (2020). Parkinson disease and orthostatic hypotension in the elderly: recognition and management of risk factors for falls. Aging & Disease11(3).

  1. Define and describe actions to prevent falls. (2 Points)
  • Remove home hazards
  • Light up your patient’s space
  • Use assistive devices like handrails and  raised toilet seats or one with armrests
  • Follow safe patient-handling practices
  • Provide safe footwear
  • Conduct regular safety rounding
  • Implement a risk management system

Useful Sources

LeLaurin, J. H., & Shorr, R. I. (2019). Preventing falls in hospitalized patients: state of the science. Clinics in geriatric medicine35(2), 273-283.

Cunha, L. F. C. D., Baixinho, C. L., & Henriques, M. A. (2019). Preventing falls in hospitalized elderly: design and validation of a team intervention. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP53.

Resnick, B., & Boltz, M. (2019). Optimizing function and physical activity in hospitalized older adults to prevent functional decline and falls. Clinics in geriatric medicine35(2), 237-251.

Dahlke, S. A., Hunter, K. F., & Negrin, K. (2019). Nursing practice with hospitalised older people: Safety and harm. International journal of older people nursing14(1), e12220.


 Written Assignment Patient Falls Worksheet